Wednesday, 18 January 2012

身處石,身處境 rock we are




Spending nine days for visiting Kyoto. In these few days, we walk around twenty-seven temples.  Ryoanji is one of the temples which make me to think about the relationship about myself and the others.
In the temples, the garden the of Master of the monk always have a lot of empty space. In the Miau Sim Temple, its garden have two pine which standing on the two side in the 10M x 30M area separately. However, in the Ryoanji is full of little stone on it. Elevens rocks with a different size in those little stones, And the stone is arranged as a 7 to 10 circles around those rock...

In the Stone Layout, I see the world. Whatever how big is those being. They still have their own universe of itself. A liner stripes fill in to the empty space. Looks like a river, and telling the truth that the world is a flowing. Beings, like throwing a stone into a lake. As it's existing, a mirror lake was rippling a circle and circle stripe. Similar as the star in the nebula. And there's no difference between those universe.

(to be cont')

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